Lime Odyssey is implementing a marriage system where you can marry that special someone. Of course getting married isn't just for the pake, its gives you bonus perks for the couples. Couples will be able to obtain "rings" in which you can summon your significant other, so if you decide to be evil you can summon your wife/husband to an area and get them ganged up by mobs ^^ fun isn't it. Another perk would experience boost.

How to marryEdit

First off you should invite me before you get married :3. Male/Female can go to an NPC, in which they buy bouquets in order to raise affection of person they want to "date" and later marry. Afterwhich after affection is accumulated up to a certain point, they can later "marry".

Divorcing/Breaking upEdit

When divorcing/b

Kyaaa so cute xD

reaking up, one cannot obtain another partner for a week. *gasp*

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